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Our Dairy Products

At Underberg Dairy, we take pride in bringing you the finest dairy products sourced locally, embodying a commitment to sustainability and freshness. Our products are both Kosher and Halaal certified, appealing to various cultures. From the cherished mozzarella cheese, a favourite among pizzerias, to the delightful gouda, cheddar, butter, and maas, we prioritise top-notch quality. Made with care from locally sourced, high-quality Jersey milk, our range promises a flavourful journey from our farms to your table.

Underberg Dairy Salted Butter


Underberg Dairy butter is made from high quality fresh cream, providing a delicious creamy and rich flavour. Ideal for cooking, baking, or simply spreading on your morning toast. Available in both salted and unsalted. Our unsalted butter comes in a large 15kg block, perfect for restaurants, bakeries or any large scale cooking needs. Salted butter comes in 500g blocks, with 30 blocks per case. Whether you’re running a restaurant, café, or grocery store, our bulk purchasing options can help you maintain ample supply while saving on costs.

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Indulge in the creamy richness of our Maas, a traditional dairy delight. Made from the highest quality milk, our Maas boasts a velvety texture and a refreshing taste. Whether you’re making rusks or enjoying it with uphuthu, our Maas is a must try experience. Available in 2l and 4l, it brings the essence of our dairy farm to your table.

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Our gouda cheese is known for its unique taste, creamy texture and rich, buttery flavour. Made with high quality milk, it features a creamy taste that makes it perfect for snacking, sandwiches, melting or use in cooking. Available in 10kg blocks and 2kg loaves.

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Enjoy the fresh and creamy taste of Underberg Dairy Mozzarella cheese in your favourite dishes. Our Mozzarella cheese is made from fresh, high quality milk. It has a creamy, slightly tangy flavour and a soft elastic texture that makes it an excellent pairing for various ingredients in various dishes. Available in 2kg loaves and 2kg pre-grated packs. Whether you are a restaurant owner, caterer or a distributor, our Mozzarella cheese offers the taste and texture that your customers will love.

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Our cheddar cheese is mild and offers a rich, creamy, and a delightfully tangy taste that cheese lovers will enjoy. Produced with top quality milk of jersey cows, it captures the authentic flavour and smooth texture that’s expected of quality cheddar cheese. Available in 10kg blocks, 2 kg loaves and 2 kg pre-grated packs. We understand that every kitchen or business has unique needs, so you can buy our cheddar cheese in bulk.

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